In Store Training

Many brands in the outdoor industry have a small team of sales representatives. They are focussed on supporting the buyers and retailers year round. However some brands struggle to support all retail staff on technical training. This is where we come in. We can deliver staff training to your stores in a cost effective manner. 

Benefits to instore training vs online

We feel that you cannot beat face to face training. being at the coal face with the staff who are presenting your product to consumers is essential. There are always questions to be answered and miss conceptions to be dealt with, this can only effectively be done there and then.

  • Education increases sales
  • Personally engage the sales staff in your brand
  • Our trainers can react instantly to any incorrect assumptions made about a product
  • Convert doubters
  • React to sales trends and stock flow

Why choose us

Our team of trainers are former retail and wholesale staff who have worked in the outdoor industry so we understand the importance of  quality staff training. We will only train on your Brand at the time of delivery to ensure no confusion or conflict of interest. 

Key points

  • Knowledgeable end users
  • Competent Trainers
  • An understanding of Outdoor Retail
  • Exclusive brand training

If you would like to discuss this as an option for your brand, Contact Us today.

Previous customer comments

“I regard Jake wiid as one of brightest prospects in our industry. A true wise head on young and dynamic shoulders. Always motivated and upbeat, Jake was a hugely respected and popular member of our team and simply loved by our customers. Despite being very sorry to see jake leave MBC full employment we are delighted to still engage with him on a consultancy basis, where he continues to be an invaluable resource.” - Steve Roberts - Managing Director, MBC


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Brands we have worked with

We have worked with Brands and shops in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, below are brands we have recently worked with.

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